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Refrigerator Repair Viking-LG-Samsung-GE-Maytag-Whirlpool-KitchenAid & much more. Licensed, experienced and trained  Technicians for all your Refrigerator Repair needs.

Types of Refrigerator Repair we offer;

  • Firstly, Stand Alone & Built-in.
  • Secondly, Refrigerator / Freezer side by side.
  • Thirdly, French door Refrigerators, Also known as a bottom, top freezers.
  • Fourthly, Classic top bottom, where the freezers are on top above fridge area.

Refrigerator Brands and Makes we Maintain, Service, and Repair

Generally speaking, there are three groups of Refrigerators 

  •  The first group is what we describe as the Elite Refrigerators; for example, Sub Zero, Avanti, Viking, Haier,  and Dacor.
  • The Second group is the imported foreign-made Refrigerators; like Electrolux, Samsung, Bosch, Fisher Paykel and LG Dryers.  
  • The Third Group is the proudly manufactured Refrigerators & Freezers equipment produced in the U.S.A. for example, Sears Kenmore, Kitchenaid, and Frigidaire. Also, Amana, Kirkland, White Westinghouse, General Electric (GE), Admiral, Maytag, and Hotpoint. Furthermore, True, Whirlpool, U-line, True and Danby Refrigerator.

At what temperature should I set my refrigerator Thermostat?

As we all know, A refrigerator's only purpose is to keep things cold. Sounds right?  However, if you've ever noticed your crisper drawers and found out that your Lettuce has turned into a frozen bunch of leafs. Then you know the amount of suffering of having a refrigerator set at the wrong temperature. On the other hand, a Refrigerator that's over warm can have more damage causing food to spoil quickly.

However, Do you know the right setting for your fridge's temperature? Here's everything you watch for about keeping your fridge cool, but not very cold

What's the Right Temperature setting?

Mostly the main purpose for a refrigerator is to slow down the growth of bacteria but not to the point where your food will start freezing. As a matter of fact, Food Experts will advise you to set the temperature range for your fridge between 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

Refrigerator Repair Viking-LG-Samsung-GE-Maytag-Whirlpool-KitchenAid

It's well known that Bacteria growth starts multiplying around the 40-degree mark.  Hence food will freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit., so your best choice is to set it in the range of  35 to 38 degrees.

So how can you tell it's the Right Temperature?

Recently manufactured refrigerators have digital displays that accurately show the current temperature. While old primary refrigerators may not have built in thermometer, that indicates precisely the temperature. Since most of us have a dial with number settings on it, you may try adjusting it first. Check the manual to translate what those numbers mean.  In short, that might not tell you the actual temperature inside; your best bet is to purchase yourself a refrigerator thermometer.
Perhaps buy two or three of them and allocate them in different places of your fridge. That will give you an extra accurate reading, furthermore, should the electricity break and the power goes down you can always get a correct reading.

Few Tips to  Keep your fridge at the Right Temperature to avoid premature Refrigerator Repair.

1- While Opening and closing the refrigerator's door is probably the enemy number one for not keeping a steady temperature. take an extra minute or two and grab everything you need at once.

 2- Accordingly, Inspect the door seal. Overtimes a gasket needs to replace to make your refrigerator run more efficiently. 

3- Next, As much as possible try to fill your fridge. A full fridge will have less of a significant temperature Fluctuation. You may use a few bottles of water if you don't want to fill your fridge with food.

4- Most important, Cool down your food first. Putting warm or hot items before they cool down will stress your fridge and make it work much harder. 

 What if you still having problems setting your Refrigerator Temperature!

In conclusion, The answer at this point is beyond just a simple temperature setting, Call our expert Techs at Midtown Houston Refrigerator Repair Viking-LG-Samsung-GE-Maytag-Whirlpool-KitchenAid, they will aid you in your refrigerator repair.