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Are you looking for a premium Ice Maker Repair-Houston-Midtown-Uptown-Heights-Bellaire-Cypress, with over 15 years experience?

Types of Ice Maker Repair units we offer;Ice Maker Repair-Houston-Midtown-Uptown-Heights-Bellaire-Cypress

First, Stand Alone or under counter Ice Maker.
Second, Refrigerator / Freezer side by side with door Ice Machine Dispenser.
Third, French door Ice Makers, usually located in a bottom designated ice Drawer.

Some of the Ice Machine Brands and Makes we Maintain, Service, and Repair

Generally speaking, there are three groups of Ice Makers 

  • The first one is what we describe as the Elite Built-in Ice Makers; for example, Sub Zero, Avanti, Viking, Haier,  and Dacor.
  • The Second group is the imported foreign-made Ice Machines; like Electrolux, Samsung, Bosch, Fisher Paykel and LG Dryers.  
  • The Third Group is the proudly manufactured self-contained Ice makers produced in the U.S.A. for example; Sears Kenmore, Kitchenaid, Frigidaire, Amana, Kirkland, White Westinghouse, General Electric (GE), Admiral, Maytag, and Hotpoint. Also, Whirlpool, U-line, True and Danby Freezers.

While there are many names for the same device, Ice Maker, Ice Machine or Ice generator, they all refer to the instrument for making ice. Usually, the device located inside the home freezer.
There are too many shapes and sizes for an Ice maker, it may be a stand alone, under the counter, over the counter or a built in, as an integer part of the Freezer.

To understand what might go wrong with your Icemaker. Before you call for an Ice maker repair company, it's important to familiarize yourself with its components. An IceMaker has four major components,  the Evaporator, the Condenser, the compressor and the throttle valve. Overall, there are more components to any Ice Maker, The storage bin, The timer, the water filter and the heating element. Each and every part of these items has a function. If one of these elements fail to function, the ice maker will stop producing Ice.

How to avoid premature Ice Maker Repair.

First of all, disconnect the power to the unit. Clean the Condenser coils. They which are mostly found in the refrigeration unit. Most of all, clean These Coils every six to twelve months.
Particularly relevant, If you have any pets, you may need to increase the intervals of cleaning to every three months. 

On most Ice Maker models, you can access these radiator-like coils by removing the bottom grill located at the front. The Ice machine's access panel is on the back the unit. You should have enough lighting so you may not damage the cooling fan accidentally.

 Use a Vacuum’s long hose attachment, carefully remove the dust and debris on and around the coil. Make sure that stubborn dirt is removed by gently running a long-handled bristle brush over the coil. Restore power to the unit when you are done the cleaning.

Check for any frost build up on your freezer’s evaporator coils

Next, check the evaporator coils of the Ice maker for frost build up and see if there is any presence of frost.
There should be a consistent amount of frost on each coil.
If the frost is inconsistent, it may be an indication of Freon leak or it is that your defrost components are failing. 

Furthermore, Make sure you have sufficient water pressure.

Among the common problems with ice makers failing to produce sufficient amount of ice is water pressure.  A minimum of 18 PSI of water pressure, is required for the ice maker to perform well. You may test the pressure in the following manner.

1- Turn off the water, by disconnect the supply line from the water inlet valve usually located in the back of the refrigerator.
2- Hold the line over a bucket and then turn the water back on.  
A weak flow of water is a good indicator that your water pressure is low.

In the meanwhile, what to do next if all attempts to repair your Ice Machine Fail.

In conclusion, call the Techs at Ice Maker Repair-Houston-Midtown-Uptown-Heights-Bellaire-Cypress Texas. There are too many components to the Ice machine, at this point, the likelihood is that you need a professional that have the expertise and knowledge of Ice Maker repair. Call the Expert team at Midtown Houston Appliance Repair. We are pretty confident that we can get your Ice Machine working again, perhaps as early as the same day. Some of the Makes and Brands we service and repair are Hoshizaki, Scotsman, Sub-zero, Viking, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Thermador, GE, Samsung, LG, Amana, Bosch and much more.