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Some of the Garbage Disposal Makes & Brands we Maintain, Service, and Repair;

  • First Group, the Elite Heavy Duty multi-stage grinders Garbage Disposals, for example, Waste King Legend 8000, and InSinkErator Evolution Excel 
  • Second Group, The everyday light duty Waste Disposals like Kitchenaid, Whirlpool, and General Electric ( GE ).

In conclusion, whether you have a new three-stage grinding, noise free Waste Disposal or a classic basic one that requires expert care, get in touch, we'll be glad to help you. 


We all know that A Garbage Disposal is one of the very necessary Appliances that we use in our daily life.

In fact, Disposals tend to give us years service until one day they fail to do the job.
In a simple term, they go dead.

What makes Garbage Disposals Break?

As a matter of fact, we never perform the proper maintenance to Garbage Disposals.
Furthermore, most of us don't frequently run Garbage Disposals, which cause internal parts to rust.
Not to mention that some of us avoid throwing harsh substances like Fish and Chicken bones.
The fact is less cleaning of the garbage Disposal grinder mechanism.
Another fact, the worst scenario is grinding fibrous material such as Cigarette Buts, and similar foods.
Also, some people tend to shove large pieces of food into their Garbage Disposal.
While The proper thing to do is to cut them into small pieces.


How to maintain our Garbage Disposals and keep them running for years to come?

First, clean your Garbage Disposal periodically, by pouring some Dish Soap and running cold water.
Second, grind some of the harsh materials like Egg Shell, Fish Bones using cold water.
Harsh substances help washing the blender's parts.
Next, avoid throwing greasy stuff like Pork Lard, and another similar food.
All the extra fat will form up on Garbage Disposal internal parts.
Furthermore, don't grind fibrous materials like Coffee grinds and Onion skin in your Garbage Disposal.
Instead, discard the trash in a Garbage Ben.
Moreover, when using the Garbage Disposal don't shove a big amount of food at once, a little at a time will do the work. 
Finally, handle your Garbage Disposal with respect, it well gives you years of satisfying service.

So, what happens when my Garbage Disposal breaks down and I fail to reset it?

Therefore, call the guys at Garbage-Disposal-Repair-Houston-Midtown-Uptown-Galleria-Heights-TX.
In conclusion, our expert Technicians will replace your Garbage Disposal with a quality one.